ALERT: Club temporarily CLOSED starting 3/17/20


To advance the development of youth and amateur athletics throughout the community with attention toward serving underprivileged populations. 

Through water safety, health and wellness programs and other initiatives, we aim to enhance the lives of families throughout Indianapolis.

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We have a goal of serving 1,000 annually in water safety by Summer 2021.  We would like to go above and beyond to provide actual swim lessons to as many of those kids as possible.  Because a large portion of the children in the targeted populations do not own a swimsuit, it will be imperative for us to provide one to each sponsored child.  With a $25 donation YOU can “SPONSOR-A-SWIMMER” and provide a child an opportunity to learn life saving water safety and swim instruction. 

To SPONSOR-A-SWIMMER please make donations directly through our website by clicking here 

Cash or check donations can be made directly at the Riviera Club, simply give to someone at the front desk to put in our mailbox.


This January the we are proud to have launched our first community outreach program. The Warrior Kids Club is an afterschool program, currently being held at IPS School #49. It is an eight-week program providing yoga, mindfulness, and a unique lesson each week. Erin Peckenpaugh, Founder of Rise Yoga & Events is thoughtfully, “Providing a safe space for stillness and rest to busy bodies and minds.” She adds, “It is a true gift. I’m so honored the Riviera Club Foundation is willing to invest in these kids. It is making a difference. The kids are practicing at home and teaching their siblings.”

Our Director, Jacqueline Burkholder, recently participated in a Warrior Kids Club class. “Too many children today are suffering from high levels of anxiety, stress, body image issues, self-doubt, depression, etc. We must take action and provide today’s youth with coping mechanisms to help them live happy and fulfilling lives.  Going to the Warrior Kids Club was an incredible experience.  The kids opened up about things that were troubling them.  Erin taught about self-love, she asked the kids to write letters to their future self including what they love about their self. The kids were able to build confidence by trying new yoga poses, and enjoy relaxation through breathing practices and savasana. What we are proving through this program impacts these kids far beyond the yoga mat. Thank you for your support.”