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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons are available to Rivi Club members only. Please contact Gregg Boeke for membership details.


Children's Ages 3 over Classes

Our classes offer children the opportunity to build a comfort level in the water and work toward more independent swimming skills. Children learn and improve basic swimming through a specific progression of skills proven to develop confidence and build a strong stroke foundation. Grouped by age and ability. Save with early bird pricing.

Toddler Ages 2-3
This class is designed to teach parents how to teach their children to swim independently. The goal is to teach the child to paddle without assistance as well as water acclimation and facilitating a love for the water. Maximum 3/class.

Parent and Toddler Ages 1-2
Fun water exploration, games, floating and water safety awareness. Children not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with elastic legs. Each session includes 3 classes.

Water Wizards

This is an enriched pre-competitive class for children ages 5-7. Instructor approval or successful completion of the following pre-requisites: 15 yards of each; side balance kicking, streamline kick on the back, Freestyle and Backstroke. Contact: Therese Love [email protected]