Just a reminder about the renovations at Rivi!
We have made some BIG changes already, but all of the remodeling is being done in two phases.

Because of the rainy spring, Phase One will be finished in June. This picture shows the what is left to be completed this June. We are installing: sod, a SAFE one meter diving board, decorative and safety fencing, and a guard shack. 

PHASE TWO (9/3/19-5/1/20): includes a full demo and replacement of the east and west pool walls, painting the remainder of the pool, installing sod on the west side to extend the south park, decorative fencing replaces all remaining grey chain link fencing by beach stand and Baby/Jr pools, black chain link fencing around Baby Pool exterior side, and a permanent 2nd cold products and soda Snack Shack. 

We are working hard to make Rivi as great as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience as we make these improvements!