Lisa and family joined the Rivi in 2012. She is a nurse practitioner and program director with Community Physician Network for Head & Neck Surgical Oncology services where she collaborates with a multi-disciplinary healthcare

team to treat patients with head & neck cancer at the new Community Cancer Center North. Lisa is passionate about raising awareness of head & neck cancer through free oral cancer screenings and other prevention programs in the community.. Lisa enjoys the recent improvements to the club and looks forward to future development.
A native of New Jersey, much of Lisa’s childhood was spent being a part of a neighborhood swim club, so Lisa felt right at home when she found the Rivi soon after she and her husband Jeremiah moved to Indianapolis. From the time Lisa was 5, swim team was an important part of her life. She swam for her local club and eventually for her high school’s state championship swim team.
After graduating from IU in 2005 with a BA in Journalism, Lisa spent the early years of her career living in New York City working in sales and marketing before returning to school to pursue a profession in nursing. Lisa graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with her BSN in 2009 and her MSN in the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner track in 2011.