Indoor / Outdoor Pool Rules

Never call “help” unless in distress. Never pretend to drown.
Proper swimming attire required. No underwear or street clothes allowed in the pool. All trunks must have liners.
Children wearing diapers must have on tight-fitting swim pants or a swim diaper in order to use any of the pools. Diapers must be changed in designated areas.
Children should be encouraged to take frequent bathroom breaks. All fecal accidents must be reported immediately.
All persons using the pool must shower before getting in.
Persons with skin abrasions or wearing tape or bandages not permitted in pool.
Persons with diarrhea within the last 48 hours should not use the pool.
A responsible adult must accompany any child under the age of 10 years or any non-swimmer at all times and children under 13 years of age must be accompanied after 7:00 p.m.
Baby and “Jr.” pools are for children ages 7 and under and must be accompanied by an adult.
While some flotation devices are allowed at Rivi, any swimmer requiring any floating assistance device (especially the use of “Floaties” with toddlers) for support must be accompanied in the water by a responsible adult who stays no more than an arms length (approx. 3 feet) away.
Float Rings are allowed only in the 2 and 3 ft sections of the pool.
No rafts are allowed in the pool ever.
No float devices are allowed in the 4 and 6 ft areas.
Only soft “splash” type balls and inflatable beach balls are permitted in the pool. No tennis balls allowed.
Boisterousness or being rowdy is not permitted – no dunking, pushing, shoving, spitting water in the pool, in the locker rooms or in the rest of the facility
No profanity allowed.
Never flip towels or put towels in water.
No running on the pool deck
No glass anywhere in the pool area
The 6ft and 50m lanes are designated lap swimming only. Do not swim across the lanes! With the lifeguard’s permission, the nearest lane of the 6ft may be used to practice racing-type dives
No jumping or diving off of the bridge or off the island into the 6ft.
Drinks only beyond the beach stand/picnic area. No food or candy is allowed on the pool deck
No chairs on the decks, no jumping from deck to deck and please do not move lounge-chairs out of their designated area.

“Big Slide” Rules
You must be at least 4ft tall or be able to swim 25yards without stopping to use the slides.
No goggles, eye glasses, balls, toys or flotation devices on slide.
Walk up the steps, no running.
Wait and make sure the person in front of you has completely cleared the area before you go.
You must go down sitting up with your feet first.
No stopping on the slide.
Clear the area quickly following the black lines – DO NOT SWIM IN FRONT OF ANY OF THE OTHER SLIDES!
Parents/others must remain outside of the roped area.

Junior Slide Rules
Any swimmer wanting to use the Jr. Slide must be under 4ft tall.
One person on the slide at a time.
No goggles, eye glasses, balls, toys or flotation devices on slide.
No swinging from the bar at the top of the slide.
Make sure the blue square is clear before going.
No stopping on the slide.
Please do not encourage your swimmer to go down before they are ready! Most of our accidents happen when kids have to come back down the ladder.
The First-aid guard is there to assist those on the slide if needed.

Diving Board Rules
Only one person on the board at a time.
No goggles, balls, toys or flotation devices on diving boards.
Wait until the person in front of you swims all the way to the ladder before you go.
Only one bounce allowed.
Go straight off the end of board.
Go straight to the ladder nearest the board you went off.
No back flips/Back dives or gainers.