Monthly *

Two Adult Household**

Same household, all dependent children under 24.


One Adult Household**

One adult in a household, all dependent children under 24. $75

Two Young Adults (18-29)

Same household, both 18-29. $44

Two Adults (30-64)

Same household, with one adult 30-64.


Two Adults (65 and over)

Same household, with one adult 65.


One Young Adult (18-29)


One Adult (30-64)


One Adult (65 and over)


*All payment options are contractual. Changes can only be made at the anniversary renewal date with the exception for additions to your membership.

**A Household constitutes adults over age 18 with dependents under age 24. Individuals reaching age 24 can no longer be considered a dependent on a household membership. To keep a Club membership they must convert to the Adult Membership (18-29).

There is a $199 enrollment fee upon joining.

An annual $24 financing fee will be included with the first monthly payment for monthly payments only.

Optional Add-Ons

Caregiver/Nanny PassCaregiver/Nanny Passes may be purchased for $20/month and are available to Riviera Club Members in good standing allowing one to accompany a member’s child(ren) when parents are unable to bring them to the Club. The passes are issued in the form of a membership tag with start and end dates entered in the Club’s database corresponding to the monthly purchase. Passes may be purchased by the month or for multiple consecutive months. At each visit, the caregiver/nanny must present the pass/tag to check in at the Front Desk. For families with multiple caregivers/nannies, only the one tag will be issued for all to use. A caregiver/nanny may only come with the member children and may not use the Club independently of that arrangement. (For, example, the caregiver/nanny may not use the Fitness Center, pool for lap swim, or other amenities on their own.)

Grandchildren Pass – $240 per year or $20 per month for the length of your membership contract. There is a $10 per month each additional grandchild fee for the length of the membership contract. This pass is available to Rivi Members in good standing who want to add their grandchildren under the age of 24 to their membership.

Other Memberships

Tenured Membership – To honor and reward membership loyalty of any long-time senior Rivi Members or former Members, a Tenured Membership category has been created. Once an individual has become Tenured, their annual dues are fixed for life. Tenured individuals will have reached a minimum of 70 years of age AND have been a Member for total of 40 years (membership years do not have to be consecutive).

Sponsorship Incentives – For each referral and sponsor of a new member, one receives a month dues credit upon your next renewal.

House Account Program

This program enables members to place charges on their membership account for events, programs, lessons, Snack Shack/Beach Stand purchases, gift cards, merchandise, guest fees, Thursday Night dinners, Sunday brunches or any other purchases. House accounts can not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. All members and their children participating in the program must show their valid membership card at the time of a purchase.

Several different monthly credit limit options are available per family unit. Families are able to specify adults only or may allow all children on their account to make purchases. Members in the Program must have a credit, debit, or bank account on file in the office in order to participate. Credit cards accepted are Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your bank account or credit/debit cards will be charged at the beginning of each month to pay for the previous month’s charges. Detailed statements are available upon request.

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