Community Partner Program

Community Partnership Program

The Riviera Club’s Community Partner Program (CPP) is designed to increase Riviera Club’s active participation in our neighborhood community by reaching out to partner with and help those in need. In return the Riviera Club becomes a more visible part of the community and is able to promote Riviera Club events & programs.

Each Community Partner will receive:

  • One summer Community Pool Day for the Member Community Partner (a modest charge applies for non-members).
  • One Community “Swim” Party on a Friday evening, which includes the gym and two indoor pools (subject to availability).
  • One family 6-month membership (no initiation fee) for silent auction or other fund raising event.

In return, the Riviera Club will:

  • Distribute promotional flyers at arranged times during the year
  • Distribute a promotional video
  • Distribute a presentation at an event of thanks to community parties organizations.
  • Distribution Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer camp brochures
  • Make a Swim Safety presentation at an organization event

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