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Riviera Club Foundation Golf Outing

riviera club foundation golf outing

Saturday, September 18 at Saddlebrook Golf Course

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The Riviera Club is happy to announce The Riviera Club Foundation, Inc.(RCF), a nonprofit 501(c)3 which focuses on serving the community.

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The Rivi Foundation will be sponsoring our first annual golf fundraiser at Saddlebrook Golf Club.

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If you have any questions about the event please email Jacqueline at [email protected]

James “Jimm” Moody, Jr, CCM, CCE

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of James “Jimm” Moody, Jr, as the next General Manager of The Riviera Club. This selection following a national search involving 100 applicants, interviews with the ten most qualified, and then visits to Rivi by three final candidates.The Club Secretary, Lisa White, ACNP-BC, led eight Search Committee members representing the general membership, The Riviera Club Board, The Riviera Club Foundation, the Swim Club Parents and the Flower Power Group.

Mr. Moody has a extensive history as a leader in both the private club and food and beverage industries. He was recognized by Club Managers Association of America as a Certified Club Manager and Certified Chief Executive. His extensive experience in hospitality and club operations includes formal training hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and Cornell University.Jimm and his wife, Joyce, have been married for 32 years.

When asked about moving to Rivi, Mr. Moody said, “Since 1933, The Riviera Club has been the gem of Midtown. Its history of producing National and Olympic Swimming Champions is unparalleled. The opportunity to be the steward, entrusted with preserving and contributing to the Club’s history and tradition, is an honor. Joyce and I lived in Louisville for 15 years, and regularly visited Indianapolis and Brown County. We are excited to move to the city and become part of the Rivi family.”

Jimm’s first day at the Rivi is planned to be Thursday, July 2. Although COVID-19 restrictions will place limits on our ability to hold a gathering to meet our new GM, when you see him, take time to welcome him to #RiviSummer!

Recent events have highlighted significant divisions in our City. Sadly, many years ago Rivi itself had a racially discriminatory membership policy, something we absolutely reject today. As #RiviSummer begins, we invite our community to explore Rivi membership with confidence in our commitment to serve our community without regard for race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, disability or age. Learn more about Rivi’s outreach to the Indianapolis community through water safety activities and supporting after school programs at IPS #49 The Riviera Club Foundation.

Spicy Latin Dance

1/12/18 NOTE: This class has been cancelled due to the weather.

Have you ever wanted to heat up your dance skills?

We invite you to try a sample dance event exploring many classic Latin dances. This is a great foundation for dances like the Salsa and Tango.

The fee for this class is $15 per person. Call the Member Service Desk to reserve your spot.
Reservations will close on Wednesday, January 10.

Also, stay tuned for a new dance class schedule coming in the next couple weeks!

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 | 11:30a-1p

Please join us for a very special Veteran’s Day Celebration.

This month we are celebrating Veterans by offering a free lunch to all those who have served. Lunch will include a delicious pizza baked ziti, garden salad, bread, and dessert.

We will also enjoy a wonderful screening of the documentary film Always Do A Little More which highlights the wonderful efforts of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Reservations are required.

We hope to see you all there!

Swim Lessons are available to Rivi Club members only. Please contact Gregg Boeke for membership details.


Children’s Ages 3 over Classes

Our classes offer children the opportunity to build a comfort level in the water and work toward more independent swimming skills. Children learn and improve basic swimming through a specific progression of skills proven to develop confidence and build a strong stroke foundation. Grouped by age and ability. Save with early bird pricing.

Riviera Club Foundation Golf Outing 2

Toddler Ages 2-3
This class is designed to teach parents how to teach their children to swim independently. The goal is to teach the child to paddle without assistance as well as water acclimation and facilitating a love for the water. Maximum 3/class.

Parent and Toddler Ages 1-2
Fun water exploration, games, floating and water safety awareness. Children not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with elastic legs. Each session includes 3 classes.

Water Wizards

This is an enriched pre-competitive class for children ages 5-7. Instructor approval or successful completion of the following pre-requisites: 15 yards of each; side balance kicking, streamline kick on the back, Freestyle and Backstroke. Contact: Therese Love [email protected]

Junior Swimmer
This non-competitive program is designed to build confidence through the sport of swimming for children ages 7-12! Improve stroke, develop endurance and gain aquatic fitness. Prepare for a triathlon, high school prep or competitive swimming. Pre-requisites: 25 Freestyle, 25 Backstroke 25 Streamline kick on the back.
Fee: $75 /person

Swim and Fit

This non-competitive program is for experienced swimmers ages 9-14. Participants develop confidence, work on stroke efficiency, conditioning, starts and turns for competition, and endurance. Stay fit all year and prep for swim team. Pre-requisite 100 Freestyle 100 Backstroke Fee: $75/person

Adult Learn to Swim
Beginning to swim or refining your stroke, it’s never too early or too late. Lessons are 30 minutes and tailored to the individual. Fee: $50/person Saturdays 8:30-9:00a

Private and Semi Private Lessons
The individual setting is perfect for those children and adults who prefer a one-on-one learning environment. Lessons are 30 minutes and tailored to the individual’s ability and goals. We can also arrange 2-3 similarly skilled swimmers together with an instructor in a semi-private setting.

Contact Therese with any class or lesson questions at [email protected]

Tennis is a sport that can be played by virtually anyone, young or old. It also has incredible physical benefits. Playing regularly will increase your overall aerobic fitness, upper and lower body strength, and even expedite weight loss. For kids, it helps develop motor control and coordination while promoting life-long values such as hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Plus, it’s fun!

Click here for court rules


May 2-May 28 (pay per session)



4:30-5:15p Red Ball Club (Ages 4-5)

4:30-5:15p Orange Ball Club (Ages 6-8)

5:15-6:15p Big Shots (Ages 9-11)

6:15-7:15p Adult Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)


4:30-5:15p Red Ball Club (Ages 4-5)

4:30-5:15p Orange Ball Club (Ages 6-8)

5:15-6:15p Big Shots (Ages 9-11)

6:15-7:15p Adult Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)


*Make-up day for any rained out sessions*


June 6-August 6 (Break week July 4-July 9)



Monday-Thursday (Friday is our rain-out make up day)

8:00-8:45a Red Ball Club (Ages 4-5)

8:00-8:45a Orange Ball Club (Ages 6-8)

9:00-10:00a Big Shots (Ages 9-11)

10:00-11:30a Junior Team (4 week sessions)

4:00-4:45p Red Ball Club (Ages 4-5)

4:00-4:45p Orange Ball Club (Ages 6-8)

4:00-5:00p Big Shots (Ages 9-11)

Cancelation Policy

If you wish to cancel your Youth Tennis Week after signing up it must be done at least a day in advance from the start of class. All canceled weeks need to happen before your week of sessions start. An email needs to be sent to [email protected]. There will be no refunds made after Monday (or first day of sessions).




5:00-6:00p Tennis 101 (Beginner to 2.5 USTA Ranking)

5:00-6:00p Tennis 201 (3.0 + USTA Ranking)

6:00-7:00p Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)

6:00p Match Play (3.5+ USTA Ranking)


9:00-10:00a Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)


5:00-6:00p Tennis 101 (Beginner to 2.5 USTA Ranking)

5:00-6:00p Tennis 201 (3.0 + USTA Ranking)

6:00-7:00p Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)


8:00-9:00a Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)

9:00a Match Play (3.5+ USTA Ranking)


Red Ball Club (Ages 4-5)

The focus of this course is on developing the ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) and introducing tennis fundamentals. Through engaging activities, players will develop skills needed to get them ready to rally. This course uses red felt balls on a 36-foot court. Racquet size 19-21 inches. These are 45-minute class sessions.

Orange Ball Club (Ages 6-8)

This course encourages both beginning and returning players to develop athletic skills for tennis. Instructors will use individualized drills plus engaging partner activities to build a player’s foundation in all the basic strokes. Additionally, players will learn about basic rallying patterns, serving, and scoring skills. This course uses orange felt balls on a 36-foot court (gradually transitioning to a 60-foot court). Racquet size 19-23 inches. These are 45-minute class sessions.

Big Shots (Ages 9-11)

This course is for players who are transitioning from Orange Ball Club or players looking to make their start in tennis. Given the possible difference in skill level, instructors will work hard to appropriately match skill levels. The class will start with the use of green dot balls with a transition to yellow balls. Players will participate in coach led drills and participate in match play with emphasis on adding spin, pace and depth in their strokes. All activities take place on a 60-foot court. Racquet size 23-25 inches. These are 60-minute class sessions.

This team is for middle school players looking to develop and enhance skills for their school teams or tournament play. This team will consist of instruction (technical and tactical), physical conditioning, and mental skills building. Efforts will be made to play in competitive matches against other programs. Players will also participate in point play drills and match play. These are 90-minute class sessions.


Tennis 101 (Beginner to 2.5 USTA Ranking)

This course consists of drills and match play for adults with no or minimal tennis experience. Drills will focus heavily on stroke mechanics, rallying skills, and net play. Players will spend time on their swing shape, contact points, footwork patterns, as well as learning to hit with directional and depth control at a medium pace. These are 60-minute class sessions.

Tennis 201 (3.0 + USTA Ranking)

This course consists of advanced stroke production (emphasis on spin, depth, and control), drills, and match play for intermediate to advanced adult players. Players will spend time on pattern play and preparation for league play. These are 60-minute class sessions.

Cardio Tennis (Open to All Skills Levels)

This course combines cardio drills that combine the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate full body workout! These are 60-minute class sessions.

Match Play (3.5+ USTA Ranking)

Come out to play doubles or singles matches with other Rivi members. Our pro will help pair you up and start the matches.


Tennis Pro Tier 1 (Junior Pro)

30 minute- $25

60 minute- $45

Semi-Private (2-5) 30 minutes- $30 (split between group)

Semi-Private (2-5) 60 minutes- $50 (split between group)

Tennis Pro Tier 2

30 minutes- $35

60 minutes-$65

Semi-Private (2-5) 30 minutes- $40 (split between group)

Semi-Private (2-5) 60 minutes- $70 (split between group)

Cancelation Policy for Private lessons

At least 24-hour notice MUST be given via text to coach or email to [email protected] for all canceled lessons. If canceled less than 24 hours member(s) will be charged for lesson.

Youth Adult Tennis Lessons, [email protected]