Updated 7.6.20

I am interested in swimming laps. When are lap lanes available?

Here is the current schedule:



50 Meter Course Lanes 1-4 (Lap Swim only) and 25 Yard Lanes 1-6,


50 Meter Course Lanes 2-9 (Lap Swim Only), 50 Meter Course Lane 1 & 10 Walking Lane and 25 Yard Lanes 1-2,


50 Meter Course Lanes 1-3 (Lap Swim Only) and 25 Yard Lanes 1-2

  (25 Yard Lanes closed 4:00-5:00p for swim practice)


10:00a- close

50 Meter Lanes 1-10 and 25 Yard Lanes 1-2

I enrolled my entire family and something came up! How do I cancel?

Please email frontdesk@rivi.org to cancel your reservation.  Canceling in the Portal will not cancel everyone in your party, just you.  

When will the classes (pool, fitness etc) open up for enrollment?

Enrollment for all sessions will open on the day prior.   

Can I register for more than one swimming or fitness time slot a day?

Yes, but you will need to leave the pool and beach stand area when the whistle blows to allow for disinfecting of furniture, locker rooms, and railings.  You will be able to re-enter once this cleaning process is completed.  

Will I have to leave the Beach Stand when pool time ends?

Yes. We will be cleaning and disinfecting all of the Beach Stand and Pool Areas between swimming sessions, but you can always schedule another session or ask at the Front Desk if there is room in the next session to come back in for more time!