ALERT: Club OPENING June 1 with Fitness & Tennis. Outdoor pool opening on June 10


Pub Night: Chili, sweet heat wings, loaded roasted potatoes, peach bourbon bbq chicken skewers, chips with salsa and Queso, toasted ravioli with marinara, philly cheese steak sliders, salad and dessert

Ages 14+ : $13

Ages 9-13 and/or 65+: $10

Ages 4-8: $6

3 and under is FREE

We will be offering vegetarian entree options at every Thursday Night Dinner.

Prepaid reservations are welcomed and can be made until noon, the day of dinner. Refunds will be honored if canceled by 5:00pm the Wednesday prior. Walk-ins are welcomed but limited…come early! Our last seating is at 7:00pm.

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