Swim Lessons

Aquatic Programs Brochure Fall 2019

Parent & Toddler

Fun water exploration, games, floating and water safety awareness. Children not potty trained must wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with elastic legs. Each session includes 4 classes. Minimum of 4 toddlers are needed to conduct the class.

Lessons are $40 per session if you register by the Early Bird date. After that date the price is $60.

Ages 1-2 with Parents
Fall 1 September 9-October 5
Fall 2  October 21-November 16 (No Classes October 31)

1 days a week

Mon | 9:00-9:30a  

Wednesday | 9:00-9:30a 

Saturday | 9:00-9:30a  

Ages 2-3 with parents

This class is designed to teach children to paddle without assistance as well as water acclimation and facilitating a love for the water. Parents are engaged with the lesson from the side of the pool.

Wed | 9:30a or 10:00a

Aquatic Programs Brochure Fall 2019

Learn to Swim

Ages 3+

Children have the opportunity to build comfort in the water and work toward more independent swimming skills. They will learn and improve basic swimming through a specific progression of skills proven to develop confidence and build a strong stroke foundation. Children are grouped by age and ability. Class registration closes 24 hours in advance. Save by registering in time for Early Bird pricing! Lessons are $40 per session before the Early Bird date and $60 after the date.

Fall 1 September 9-October 5
Fall 2  October 21-November 16 (No Classes October 31)

1 day a week

Mon | 10:00a| 10:30a | 11:00a| 6:30p
Tue| 12:30p | 3:45p | 6:00p| 6:30p
Wed| 10:00a | 10:30a | 1:30p| 6:30p
Thu| 10:00a | 1:30p | 3:45p| 6:00p| 6:30p

Fri| 10:00a | 10:30a | 4:00p| 4:30p
Sat| 9:30a | 10:00a | 11:00a

Water Wizards

Ages 5-7

An enriched pre-competitive class for children ages 5-7. Prerequisite or instructor evaluation is required for placement. Evaluation dates are listed above and are also available by appointment.

One Hour Class

Fall Group 1 | Sept 16 – Dec 18 | Mon & Wed | 4:30p  No Class Nov 25-28
Fall Group 2 | Sept 17 – Dec 19 | Tue & Thu | 4:30p    No Class Nov 26-28
Registration is $185   

Contact: Therese Love at Aquatics@rivi.org

Junior Swimmer

Ages 7-14

This 45-min class is designed to build confidence through the sport of swimming, improve stroke, develop endurance, and gain aquatic fitness. It is a great preparation class for a triathlon or competitive swimming.  Prerequisite: 50m Freestyle & 50m Backstroke.

The price for this class is $120 per person.

Fall | Oct 29-Dec 12 | Tue & Thu | 5:15p  No Class Nov 20 & 22

Winter | Jan 7-Feb 13 | Tue & Thu | 5:15p

Swim & Fit

Ages 9-16

For experienced swimmers ages 9-16, whether ready to take their skills to the next level or training for a triathlon, participants develop confidence, work on stroke efficiency, stroke development, conditioning, and endurance. This is a great workout in a positive energetic environment and perfect for swimmers preparing for a swim team. Participants must be able to complete 100 yards or meters of freestyle and backstroke and have knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly.

The class fee is $80 per student.

Fall | Oct 20-Dec 11 | Wed | 5:45p

Winter | Jan 8-Feb 12 | Wed | 5:45p

Adult Learn to Swim Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to swim? Or maybe just learn a certain stroke? The Adult Learn to Swim lessons will work on the basics of swimming and honing technique. It’s never too early or too late. Lessons are 45 minutes and tailored to the individual. The fee is $40 for the whole session.

Aquatic Programs Brochure Fall 2019