Karate, which means “empty hand” in Japanese, is a science of unarmed self-defense and counterattack. Rather than using a weapon, the person using Karate employs parts of the body (the hand, fist, finger, elbow, or foot) to ward off assault and to injure the attacker by striking him with a severe blow to a vulnerable area or weak spot. Students practicing Karate will learn confidence, self discipline, goals-setting, and self-defense.

Karate classes are open to both adults and children (ages 6+). Families are allowed and actually encouraged to train together as well. Every student will start as a beginner with a white belt in Karate and then work their way through the belt ranks. If you decide to join this Karate community, your path will be unique. It is hoped that through Jeanie Gensheimer Martial Arts, you will be able to find the very best within yourself.

Classes are offered three times a week and students may choose how many days they attend. All classes are held in the upstairs Ballroom.




Black Belt






5:30-6pm 6-6:50pm



9-9:50am 10-10:50am 11am-12pm

*Adult Black Belt Open Practice


1 Class/Week

2 Classes/Week

3 Classes/Week

1 Member




2 Members

$80/Month $115/Month


Member Family

$100/Month $135/Month $180/Month

1 Guest

$70/Month $90/Month


2 Guests

$110/Month $145/Month $170/Month

Guest Family

$130/Month $165/Month


contact Sensei Gensheimer, Rapunzel1963@yahoo.com, (317) 728-0040.

About Our Instructors

Sensei Jeanie Gensheimer holds degrees in Psychology and Early Childhood Education from Ball State as well as a Masters degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Butler. She is a 6th degree Black Belt, 1 of only 4 women to have achieved a Master’s rank and is the 3rd highest ranking woman in the Karate style of Shorei Goju Ryu. In 1995 Jeanie started a mobile karate and gymnastics program where she takes her skills to schools, health clubs, and day-care centers in Indianapolis. She currently teaches at 15 locations. Her main program centered here at the Riviera Club.

Sensei Vince Hernly started Karate in the summer of 2006 and he received his Black Belt in the fall of 2009 under the instruction of Sensei Jeanie Gensheimer. He earned the rank of San San (3rd degree black belt) and the “Sensei” title in November of 2012. He enjoys teaching all skill levels and finds that teaching others is often a great way to deepen his own understanding of Karate.