Adult Fitness

Rivi Fall Marathon Training

Join the fun of this 16-week training program leading up to the Monumental Marathon!

Are you ready to sign up for the Fall Full or Half Marathon? Rivi is here to help!
Sign up for our first Fall Marathon Training Program. The group will meet on Thursday evenings at 6p. The training will include a 16-week training program, group runs to work on speed, three Saturday group long runs, and optional runners strength or yoga to follow Thursday runs.
The program starts Thursday, July 19
Registration for this training is $55/member. Guests are welcome to join us at $65/guest.

Group Fitness Classes

The fitness program at the Riviera Club is a collaboration of independent fitness professionals. Classes are open to members as well as the general public. All Group Fitness Classes are included in your annual membership.

Guests can attend classes for $10 per class. Senior Fitness, and the 50/60/Something, Kids Yoga and  Zumba class attendees pay $5 per class.

Full descriptions of our fitness classes including duration and instructors appear at the bottom of this page.


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Personal Training and Fitness Assessments

Whether you are looking to reach specific weight loss goals, gain strength and range of motion after an injury, or simply for new exercises to incorporate into your weekly workouts, the personal trainers at The Riviera Club are qualified and excited to assist you. The Club uses a tiered personal training structure to help match you with a trainer that can best meet your needs and tailor training to your abilities. Your goals will determine which Rivi training tier is right for you; the higher the tier, the more experienced and specialized your trainer.

To be connected with any one of our trainers, contact our Personal Training Fitness Manager, Vincent Vergara, at for more information. 

Tier One Training

Get a nationally-certified trainer by your side to help you gain confidence in using our Fitness Center equipment, provide accountability while you pursue your goals, and design an individualized workout plan that fits your lifestyle.

Tier Two Training

Trainers with 5+ years of experience will push you to new heights in athletic performance, strength, power, weight loss, and more, while addressing muscular weaknesses and individual-specific conditions. Those preparing for a big race, special event, or who have performance aspirations, Tier Two is for you.

Tier Three Training

Specializing in muscle imbalance, injury rehabilitation, and functional training, trainers with 10+ years of experience have the expertise to help those hindered by joint pain, limited range of motion, muscle imbalances, and musculoskeletal disorders. Our professionals create personalized programs that incorporate appropriate progressions and strategies to improve movement, avoid injury, and boost your overall function.




Tier One Trainer

Masie is certified as a Certified Personal Trainer- American College of Sports Medicine, and a Functional Movement Screen- Functional Movement Systems. Her focus is on Functional Movement, Weight Loss, Special Populations, TRX Training, and Athletic Performance.

Masie talks about her approach saying, “I utilize both behavioral and exercise strategies to help motivate individuals to initiate and/or maintain healthy lifestyles. I tailor each session to the needs of the client whether it be improved fitness, weight loss, and/or increase strength and functionality after injury. Enduring my own recovery from past injuries and surgeries, I have become very passionate about helping clients maintain and improve their functional movement to reduce pain and improve daily activities of living.”



Jared Saltsman


Tier One Trainer

Jared is a nationally-certified personal trainer with both military and competitive sports experience. While earning a degree in Biology from Milligan University, he joined the Army Reserves and following graduation, led its Physical Readiness Training program and individual remedial training sessions. Additionally, he’s been a starting player and team trainer for Detroit’s professional ultimate frisbee team. While he is a strong supporter of functional training, Jared is well versed in various training styles to help clients of all ages and fitness levels achieve their goals.


Daniel Rasch
Tier One Trainer

Daniel Rasch is nationally-certified personal trainer with a background in sports and rehabilitation. He played elite-level soccer in Germany for a number of years, during which he received exposure to and gained experience in sports conditioning, flexibility and mobility improvement, and knee rehabilitation injuries. Since moving to the United States, he earned his personal training certification and has been teaching strength/toning group fitness classes as well as training clients one-on-one.


Erik Myyra
Tier Two Trainer

Erik comes to The Riviera Club with over five years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes. He first joined the industry while earning his Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning at Eastern Michigan University. His passion has led him to work with athletes at Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Towson University, Butler University, and now here at Rivi. He enjoys pushing whomever he works with to accomplish big goals, while maintaining a fun and intense training atmosphere.


Kaci Lierman
Tier Two Trainer

As a former college athlete in volleyball and track, Kaci has been active and involved in sports her entire life. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, she transitioned from the role of athlete to coach and has been helping people reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer and strength coach since 2012. Learning is also a passion for Kaci; she has invested in many different certifications to expand her knowledge to better serve her clients. Her certifications include National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)-CPT, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Certified Applied Functional Science (CAFS), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-Corrective Exercise Specialist, Functional Movement Systems (FMS), Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PNL1), and NSPA-Certified Speed and Agility Coach.


Tier Three Trainer

Vincent earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University Bloomington; through the Fitness Specialist program at IUB, he gained hands-on practical experience in the evaluation and improvement of human performance.  He has 11 years of experience in personal training and has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, from beginners to Olympic-level athletes. Vincent is CPR/AED certified by the American Heart Association and holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise for Personal Training, Functional Training, Sports Conditioning, and Fitness Nutrition.


Adult Group Classes



High energy fitness class on the North courts. Combines tennis and cardiovascular exercise. $5/member and $10/guest

Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Mon & Wed: Tennis Pro Pat, Tue: Evan.


This 30-minute strength class will have you sweating as you move from one exercise to the next without rest.
Length: 30 minutes; Instructor: Kaci L.


Cycling is a no-impact cardio workout featuring our LeMond indoor bicycles. Class is appropriate for participants of all ages, goals, and fitness levels.
6a Class Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Ben H.
9:45a Class Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Lyn M.


Cycle HIIT combines our indoor cycling class with short, high-intensity intervals off the bike.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Ben H.


Ride for 30–45 minutes, then strengthen your upper and lower body for 15–30 minutes. Both cardio & strength in one.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Lyn M.


High-impact exercises with periods of strength training and recovery burns calories and builds lean muscle at the same time.
5:45a TUESDAY Class Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Maggie G.
6:00p THURSDAY Class Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Kate F.
5:45a FRIDAY Class Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Ben H.


Total body compound movements, sprints, and short recovery intervals will push you to your limit in this 45-minute class.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Kaci L.


Total body, non-aerobic class designed to improve muscular strength and endurance using body bars, dumbbells, stability balls, resistance tubes and more!
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Daniel R.


This class is a beginner-friendly, 60-minute rowing class teaching participants proper technique on the ergs while providing a cardiovascular challenge.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Shawn D.


A 60-minute, intermediate-level rowing class. Participants push aerobically and strengthen nearly all the body’s muscles.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Shawn D.


This challenging 45-minute Fitness Center workout incorporates treadmill (or elliptical) intervals and strength intervals.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Daniel R.


A fun, total-body, cardio, and strength workout class geared for those 70+.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Susan H.


This is a 30-minute total body workout. A mix of circuit training and HIIT class will leave you feeling great!
Length: 30 minutes; Instructor: Kaci L.


TRX is a type of suspension training that helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Maggie G.


Not for the faint of heart, Weekend Warrior is a 60-minute, sweat-inducing full body workout.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Erik M. and Kaci L.


The Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness party. Feel the music and let loose!
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Barb C.


Participants workout at their own pace & fitness level. Emphasis on balance, muscular strength, flexibility and core strengthening.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Jim G.



Pilates is a mat-based technique for developing the musculature and body awareness you need to support the spine.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Ann W.


Expect to sweat in this 40-min class designed to sculpt and tone your entire body while focusing on length and alignment of the spine.
Length: 40 minutes; Instructor: Michele J.


Meditation in motion, 60-minute class focusing on the breath with movement, allowing your body to move with ease.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Mandy F.


Ages 8 -12 will be lead through traditional Vinyasa flow intertwined with games to improve focus, attention, and flexibility.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Sheila R.


A challenging and flowing form of Yoga that heals, detoxifies, and awakens body, mind, and breath.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Lori B.


Room is heated to about 90 degrees. Participants flow into and dwell in poses, enjoying discovery in the muscle.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Lori B.


Learn the essential alignment, vocabulary, and breathing techniques of Hatha Yoga in a supportive environment.
Length: 80 minutes; Instructor: Heidi F.


A Vinyasa inspired class with an emphasis on strengthening. Safely stretch, build endurance & re-balance the body.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Fran V.


A physical class designed on principles of alignment, play, and focus. Discover greater vitality, strength, and peace.
Length: 80 minutes; Instructor: Heidi F.


Designed specifically for swimmers to balance the body, prevent injuries, reduce anxiety, and improve performance.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Tabitha M.



Moderate to high-intensity, a 60-minute water workout utilizing boxing and sports skills.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Tom F.


A deep water class combining aerobic conditioning and strength training, muscular endurance, and flexibility.
Length: 45 minutes; Instructor: Therese L.


Individualized and group lap workouts with a focus on stroke efficiency and development as well as conditioning and endurance swim training.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Sandy F.


Takes the pressure off the bones, joints, and muscles with a low-impact water aerobic class. Non-swimmers welcome!
9:00a MONDAY Class Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Therese L.
9:00a THURSDAY Class Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Sally H.
9:00a FRIDAY Class Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Therese L.
6:00p MON-WED-FRI Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Sandy F.


A water-based High Intensity Interval Workout increasing stamina, strength training, muscular endurance, tone and flexibility.
Length: 60 minutes; Instructor: Chris T.

contact Group Fitness Manager, Kaci Lierman, {oversees all group fitness classes & fitness events}

contact Personal Training Fitness Manager, Vincent Vergara, {oversees all personal training & fitness center}