The Parking Lot makeover has new info! Please use caution!

Thank you for your patience as the driveway into the club and the south lot are being paved this week, beginning Tuesday, May 30 until further notice. We have opened an additional driveway at the north end of the property. It is the levee construction work entrance. You will need to use that entrance from Illinois Street.
You will then enter the parking lot near the north tennis courts. Once parked, locate the opening in the fence near the recycling dumpsters and follow the path between the river and the levee project fence. There is a break in the Levee Project fence line connecting to the Rec Building sidewalk and making it safe for all to access the Club. Please use this path and sidewalk to access the Clubhouse Building also. When you depart please follow this same pathway.
Navigating our parking lot is not a simple task! Parking is limited and we want to keep everyone safe. Please be careful and aware. We appreciate your consideration of other members and their cars. Please do not block any cars in their spots.

While its difficult today, it will be so great later!