Rivi’s amazing 50-60 Something Instructor, Jim Gould encouraged his fitness class to write limericks last week. They made it a contest and everyone really got in on the fun! Wellness is always important at Rivi whether mental or physical and we are happy they found a way to keep their bodies AND minds active last week!

Here are the submissions and winners:
Rivi 50-60 Something St. Pat’s Limerick Contest 2017

Rita H – 1st Place

There once was a gym rat named Jim,
Whose core was impossibly trim,
His tunes were inspiring,
And got us perspiring,
And now we are stronger and slim.

Candy – 2nd Place

Strength, cardio and core
Balance, bands and more
We swing to the groove
You should see how we move
Fun and friendship galore!

Mary H – 3rd Place

Push ups and planks are OK
And I know I’ll feel them next day
But Jim’s music’s so groovy
I know ’twill behoove me
To buck up and say hip hooray!


There once was at Rivi, a class
Where 50’s and 60’s kicked a#$
The music runs wild
The groaning is mild
And friendships they grow like grass.

Megan W

There once was a gang at the Riv.
They had only an hour to give
They did push-ups and planks and soon gave thanks
Jim taught them to move and they got in the groove
They’ll stay there as long as they live



Three times a week we come to Rivi with glee
We work out with deep lunges and bent knee
Lots of groans about planks
And push ups cause angst
But there is no place we would rather be


Tita & Husband

We meet on weekdays at eleven
None of us would deign call it heaven
We work ever so hard
To divest of some lard
And the pounds that I’m down are at sever!


Once there was a brave Lass
Who took a daring Rivi class
Inspire of the fun
She hurt her buns
And thought she might not pass