2017 Rivi Board Elections

Rivi Board of Directors – Cast Your Vote

The Riviera Club will host its Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2017. An election will be held to fill four positions on the Riviera Club Board of Directors.

Voting is open to Members in good standing and must be at least 18 years of age. All ballots must be submitted on or before February 16 at 5p.

Ballots are available via the following:

  • Click here for Printable Ballot – please vote and mail back to Rivi or drop off at any of the Member Services Desks
  • Ballots will be emailed to the members for whom we have an email on file
  • Pick-Up a Form at the Fitness or Rec Building Member Services Desk
  • All Members w/o a registered email on file will have a ballot mailed to them

All Ballots must be received in paper form by 5pm on 2/16/17, to be valid.

Completed Ballots should be submitted to the Member Services Desks.