Many Rivi members have asked about all the construction projects at the club and we are excited to answer! Both the Rivi Levee Project and the Rivi Park are changing the scenery here at Rivi. The Levee Project is a longer and more in-depth project involving the flood zones and safety. The Rivi Park project is changing how we use the green space at the north end of the outdoor pools. It is slated to be finished June 1 and we expect to seeĀ up-to-date playground equipment, new tennis courts, multi-purpose courts, a new shelter, and more.

With all the exciting projects and construction, we encourage all our neighborhood friends to ride bikes and walk to the club as much as possible. Parking is somewhat limited and consistently changes with different phases of these projects. If you ride your bike, you can still get VIP parking! Be sure to bring a lock for your bike and take the same precautions with personal property in the parking lot.

We look forward to a fun and exciting summer! The pool opens May 26!