Life Saving Training & Programs

Safe Sitter Classes

Learn the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be a safe babysitter, care for younger siblings, and stay home alone. Classes are two days and participants must attend all club sessions. Ages 11+

Pricing for Rivi members is $45 to take the class and $65 for guests of Rivi.

Safe Sitter Sessions Available:
April 28 | 5p-9p & April 29 | 1p-5p
June 6 | 12p-4p & June 7 | 12p-4p
July 17 | 12p-4p & July 18 | 12p-4p


Aquatic Life Saving Classes

Water safety is a necessary life skill that should be taught to everyone. In the United States the second leading cause of accidental death between ages 1 and 14 is drowning. Worldwide drowning is the fifth leading cause of accidental death for all ages. The Riviera Club has a long tradition of building strong swimmers, beginning with their lessons program for children to their adult aquatic classes. Aquatic Director and Head Swim Coach, Therese Love, encourages parent to enroll their children in swim lessons, year-round and for more than one season. Skills are only developed when nurtured and maintained over a period of two to three years or more to really learn how to swim and to become safe in the water.

Among the aquatic programs offered at the Club are swim lessons for adults and children, swimnastics, Stroke Masters for Adults, Aqua Boxing, Scout Aquatics and life guard training and re-certification.

Current Lifeguard Training & Recertification Information:

Class 5: May 4 & 5 | 5p-9p AND May 6 & 7 | 12p-8p
Class 6: June 8-10 | 10a-6p
Class 7: July 10-12 | 10a-6p

Lifeguard Training includes full training and certification includes Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, O2 and BBP. Participants must be 15 years old and must attend all sessions. The fee will be $200 for Rivi Members and $260 for guests.

Class 5: May 7 | 12p-9p
Class 6: May 20 | 12p-8p

Lifeguard Recertification and review includes Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, O2 and BBP. Participants must have a valid Lifeguarding certification. This class is $85 for Rivi members and $105 for Guests.

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