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Rivi Adult Fitness

The fitness program at the Riviera Club is a collaboration of independent fitness professionals. Classes are open to members as well as the general public. All Group Fitness Classes are included in your annual membership.

Guests can attend classes for $10 per class. Seniors and Zumba attendees may attend for $5 per class.

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Personal Training and Fitness Assessments

Contact Fitness Manager Madison Weyreter to schedule a fitness assessment or a personal training session. Madison will place you with one of our qualified personal trainers, who can help you safely reach your health and wellness goals.


Fitness Assessment

1st Assessment – FREE
Additional Assessments – $15



Adult Group Classes

50/60 Something: This 60-minute class is geared toward participants 50+, and allows you to work your own pace and fitness level. You’ll work on balance, muscular strength, light cardio, flexibility, and core strengthening to rotating themed playlists. One of our most popular classes!
Bootcamp: This is a 45-minute high intensity class that utilizes army drills and skills to enhance physical performance. This is the best way to kick off your week for those serious about getting and staying in great shape!
Cycling: Cycling is a no-impact cardio workout featuring our LeMond indoor bicycles. This group exercise class is appropriate for participants of all ages, goals, and fitness levels. New music and varying ride styles (endurance, strength, interval, etc.) keep this 45-minute class exciting and different every time!
Cycle HIIT: Cycle HIIT combines our indoor cycling class with short, high-intensity intervals off the bike for 45 minutes. Work on your aerobic and anaerobic endurance in a fun and motivating environment!
Cycle & Strength: Get two workouts in one! Ride for 30–45 minutes, then strengthen your upper and lower body for 15–30 minutes. Hit both cardiovascular and strength training in a single session.
HIIT It: This 45-minute total body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout will leave you sweating and feeling like a warrior! Utilizing high-impact exercises with periods of strength training and recovery, you’ll burn calories and build lean muscle at the same time. Though intense, exercises can be modified to accommodate participants of all fitness levels.
Muscle Madness: This total body, non-aerobic class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance using body bars, dumbbells, stability balls, resistance tubes and more! Modifications are given to accommodate all fitness levels.
Rowbics – Back to Basics: This class is a beginner-friendly, 60-minute rowing class designed to teach participants proper technique on the ergs while providing a cardiovascular challenge. Rowers of all experience-levels are welcome!
Rowbics: Torch calories and get stronger all while sitting down! Rowbics is a 60-minute, intermediate-level rowing class in which participants push themselves aerobically and strengthen nearly all the body’s muscles, from the shoulders to the calves.
Run Strong/Walk Strong: This challenging, 45-minute workout incorporates treadmill or elliptical intervals (or outdoor running intervals when weather permits) with strength and endurance drills.
Senior Fitness: This class is a 60-minute, total-body cardio and strength workout class geared for those 70+. Participants will use various weights, ropes, bands, and exercise balls, all while sitting on or standing behind a chair. This class is intended to improve flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance.
TKO (Total Knock Out): This 30-minute express class is a high-energy blend of kicks and punches built into combinations. Set to upbeat music, this “kick-butt” workout is a great blend of martial arts, boxing, and cardio.
TRX: TRX is a type of suspension training that helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It is a tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. This 45-minute class will take you through 3 rounds of lower body, upper body and core exercises followed by a round of cardio. Each round will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself further.
Total Body Tabata: This 30-minute express class is a high-intensity interval training class, featuring exercises that last four minutes. Push yourself as you complete strength, cardio, and plyometric moves for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat each set 8 times and you’ve got yourself a challenging, time-efficient workout!
Weekend Warrior: Not for the faint of heart, Weekend Warrior is a 60-minute, sweat-inducing full body workout. This class is perfect for those short on time who want to incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility into an intense weekend workout.
Zumba: This is a Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, fitness dance party. Feel the music and let loose for 60 minutes!
Pilates / Pilates Express: Pilates is a mat-based technique for developing the musculature and body awareness you need to support the spine. It focuses on isolating and strengthening the muscles of the torso, with particular attention to abdominal muscles. Pilates classes are 60 minutes long, while Pilates Express is 40 minutes long.
Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga: Hatha/Vinyasa combines stillness, structure, and flow to heal, detoxify, and awaken the body, mind and breath. Class lasts 60 minutes.
Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore: Start off your Sunday morning with meditation in motion. This 60-minute class will focus on pairing the breath with movement, allowing your body to move with ease inside and outside of your yoga practice. The goal of this class is to turn your gaze inward and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. All abilities, experience levels, and bodies are welcome.
Yoga / Yoga Basics: Learn the essential alignment, vocabulary and breathing techniques of HathaYoga in a supportive environment. Great for beginners, the curious, and those wanting to deepen their Yoga foundations. Class lasts 75 minutes.
Yoga Fitness: A 60-minute, Vinyasa-inspired class with an emphasis on strengthening. Designed to safely stretch, build endurance and re-balance the body.
Yoga Mixed Level: This intermediate-level class is designed around principles of alignment, play and focus. Discover greater vitality, strength, flexibility, and peace in this 75-minute class.
Warm Yoga: This class is held in our fitness studio (heated to about 90 degrees) most of the year; in the summer months, class is held outdoors. The heat helps to warm your muscles, prevent injuries, and allow for a deeper workout as you flow from pose to pose. At the end of the 60 minutes, you will have worked your entire body, from the inside out.

**Please be mindful of hydration in this class.

Aqua Box: Moderate to high intensity, Aqua Box is a fun, 60-minute water workout utilizing boxing and sports skills. Punch and kick your way to better mobility, fitness, and health!
Deep Impact: This class combines aerobic conditioning with strength training, muscular endurance work, and flexibility in deep water. Class lasts 45 minutes.
Stroke Makers: This class consists of a series of group workouts that focus on stroke efficiency and development, as well as conditioning and endurance training. All individual levels, needs and goals are welcome to join this 60-minute class.
Swimnastics: Swimnastics is our version of low-impact water aerobics. This 60-minute class takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles, while challenging your stamina. Non-swimmers welcome!

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